Situated in the southwest of France and named after the largest river that crosses it, the Dordogne offers plenty of cultural sites to visit. Next to the rich medieval culture with numerous castles and medieval villages that can be visited here, the prehistory also has a very important place in the Dordogne. In the valley of the Vézère, which is also called ‘the valley of mankind’, many prehistoric remains and caves can be discovered, dating back up to 20.000 years BC. The cave of Lascaux, which was listed on the World Heritage list of the UNESCO in 1979, is a perfect example of this.
But the Dordogne is also a destination for those love nature. The region is characterized by its rolling green hills, large forests, rivers and lime rocks. Hikes, bike rides and canoeing through the beautiful landscapes are done a lot out here.

The Périgord Noir in the Dordogne

The ‘black’ Périgord thanks its name to the dark color of the oaktree forest and the truffel (also named black gold in this region). This part in the southeast of the Dordogne is crossed by two culturally important rivers, the Vézere and the Dordogne. If you get to visit this the Dordogne, this area should absolutely be visited ! The famous medieval town of Sarlat, the cave of Lascaux, the valley of the Dordogne with its impressive castles, are just a few of many highlights to be visited in the Dordogne.